October 16, 2019

Welcome to the first entry to my "NOW" page. Totally inspired by the great Derek Sivers, founder of CDBABY.COM. I had the great fortune to play some guitar in Derek's group for a few college shows. I was a passenger in a mini van for a long ride and had a chance to absorb a bit of this great soul who vibrates at a high level of optimism and possibility. Today, I am listening to Derek on the Tim Ferris podcast, and was so moved by the idea of a "Now" button on a website. The point is to literally tell folks what is happening now. Thank's Derek for the inspiration once again!

We are planning a new video called "495," a song about the Long Island Expressway or LIE. I drive 30,000 miles a year, and many of these miles are on the LIE. I thought how could i make good use of this time? Write a song about it! Yes! Traffic, famous exits, bad weather, delays, it's all in there. The song was recorded at my studio in eastern Long Island and mixed by Ryan Youman in Nashville, TN. It features Andy Falco on a bluegrassy rhythm acoustic guitar, Pat Falco on bass, Chris Marshak on Drums, Jon Preddice on background vocals, Andy Ellison on pedal steel guitar, Ryan Youmans on tambourine, and yours truly on fingerstyle acoustic and vocals. 

About 12 years ago I was driving on the LIE and noticed a fancy Porsche next to me. It was none other than Jerry Seinfeld driving eastbound right next to me. At that moment it was probably the beginning of this song. The seed was planted as I drove next to one of the most well known Long Islanders there is. I said to myself I have to write a song to celebrate my hometown one day. Using the LIE/495, we've finally finished the song. It is due out soon, once we finish the video. Oh yes, we've recently written a letter and had it sent to Jerry Seinfeld's representation with the hopes he'd appear in our video. Fingers crossed on this one :)